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Stoic Design started out in 2002 in response to a gap in the market place, for an Interior specialist with a more consultative approach. We chose the Stoics as our namesakes as their beliefs and doctrines are close to some of the ideals we aspire to;

"When considering the doctrines of the Stoics, it is important to remember that they think of philosophy not as an interesting pastime or even a particular body of knowledge, but as a way of life. They define philosophy as a kind of practice or exercise in the expertise concerning what is beneficial. Once we come to know what we and the world around us are really like, and especially the nature of value, we will be utterly transformed".

The Stoic ethic espouses a deterministic perspective; in regards to those who lack Stoic virtue, Cleanthes once opined that the wicked man is "like a dog tied to a cart, and compelled to go wherever it goes". A Stoic of virtue, by contrast, would amend his will to suit the world and remain, in the words of Epictetus, "sick and yet happy, in peril and yet happy, dying and yet happy, in exile and happy, in disgrace and happy," thus positing a "completely autonomous" individual will, and at the same time a universe that is "a rigidly deterministic single whole".

Our strengths lie in our ability to listen to your needs and find the right range of products that suit your budget and expectations. We use our contacts and market knowledge to smooth the process. Whether we are just reconfiguring the desk layout to suit a new team or re-designing the Front of house to reflect a greater impact with modern twist.

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